Why You Should Play In Business

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

In many different types of businesses, I've seen that there is so much work that there is one thing that businesses forget to do or don't do at all. This one thing they forget to do, is to play.

Why should you play in business?

The mind needs to be challenged, and frankly, there are many times that I see businesses become so automated that the workers end up to be like robots.

They do the same thing over and over again.

Sometimes, this workaholic attitude turns many people into becoming too productive systematically, that they no longer think outside the box.

If your starting your own business, take this into consideration.

Playing is important.

This helps you to tap into the changing and challenging world around us. Play around once in awhile with your system. Play around the software and take the time to slow down. Try to think through different ways that your business can use a platform better. Talk to your co-workers when there isn't much work to do. Have open-ended meetings where anyone can put their suggestions and question the system.

Change it up a bit.

Host a party just for the workers and allow them to mingle and talk with one another.

This one is really important.

I've seen workplaces where we don't mingle much at all unless it has to do with the job. We work so much that the people we spend most of our time with, we don't really spend time on them at all.

How much time do we spend at work with these people and barely know them?

A lot.

There are also other reasons why playing in the workplace is important. "Playing around" could help with the mind.

For college, we study an hour and take a ten minute break to optimize our productivity in retaining information. So why don't we do this in the work place?

Being productive is the best thing that can happen to anyone. Employers love productive people and in return they get higher pay packages and awesome perks. Have a look at the top 8 productivity habits that you must shun today in order to be more productive in future. -timedoctor

Now, I understand that too much time on "break" is bad. However, slowing down a bit in the workplace could work wonders in the long run. If a worker pays attention to the little things within the workplace, a lot of the work that was done right could save us from more work.

The business world is always changing, so adapting is very important. If we stayed the same, we would be running behind. And that's exactly where we would be.

Not walking, but running.


Let me know what you think? What can you do to make the workplace a funner and more productive environment? Share this with the rest of your co-worker friends and your business so that we all can be aware.

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