Why You Should Hire A Social Media Marketer

So you're wearing more than one hat in your business. It takes you years to get through the clutter and the small miniscule tasks on your own, so you hired an accountant, a secretary, and a lawyer. Of course, the lawyer was there for the stuff you just couldn't do on your own, but there is also one more hire you might consider.

A Social Media Marketer.

When it comes to business, the need for a social media presence becomes greater every single day. It's one of the fastest way to get a customer for your business and it's a very promising way to getting your business out there.

Sprout Social mentions why social media is important for the business here.

According to Sprout Social, it is a hefty 57% that a customer would buy from a brand from social media.

Not only that, but 71% would buy from a company when the customer has had a "positive social experience" as stated by Sprout Social.

But this is besides the point.

Hiring a Social Media Marketer could be one of the most important investment a company could make.


Let me list you a few things.

1. How many social media platforms do you have? If you don't have any, read what is above again. You might want to get one.

If you have 3 social media platforms,--let's say you have Facebook Page, Twitter, and Instagram--how much time does it take to create one content for each platform?

First, the Facebook page. You write a short article? Guess how long that takes? You write a small update? Did you choose a picture to go with it too? Was the update good enough for your social media presence or did you barely work at it at all?


Did you find something to post that relates to your business with just 140 characters? Even if you had 280 characters, did you have something good to share?


How long did it take for you to get a good picture for your instagram? Did you edit the picture? Does it have a good aesthetic?

Now, that's just number one on the list guys. I'm sure you're starting to get the point.

2. When do you have to post these contents?

If you didn't know, a social media marketer will post at the optimum times and scan through your analytics as to when your consumers are more engaged online. This takes time and consistency.

3. Keeping up with your consumers. This is just like the customer service line that you would have for your business. When people start commenting on your posts and start asking you questions through social media, your social media marketer could be able to manage that for you.

4. Email Lists and Blog Posts.

These one's are biggies. If you get a good social media marketer, this would be a good plus. It takes a long time to clean up email sometimes, but it takes even longer to write an email and a blog post.

Sending these out can be a great hassle and time consumer if you don't have an email marketer.

Now this is all just the tip of the iceberg. If your social media marketer does videos for you, he/she probably does all the videography and editing on the video as well, and if your even more prepared, your social media marketer might do the SEO for you to optimize everything your posting so that they rank up high on the search results with your content. The social media marketer might be doing photography for you too.

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