Social Media Fasting

Full of social media? Constantly getting the screen time headache and vision eye strain? Polluting your mind with all the comments and feed your putting in?

Social media has a way of doing that to every person especially to the ever-working social media marketer.

Constantly, you're on the internet just feasting on the ever changing and sometimes cruel world, and it starts to have a negative effect on you.

What are other people doing? What are you missing out on? What bad influences are you finding in the internet? What about the hate comments and negative remarks that just keeps ringing in your mind?

Sometimes, we really need to take a break.

What you need is a social media fast.

Yes, a fast.

Don't feed yourself with what's on the internet for a few days.

Maybe just even a day.

Because the world is such a fast moving pace and so much just attacks you in the social media world, a good break for the mind (and eyes!) will help you for the better.

This is good for your mental health too, and this is something a lot of social media marketers need to watch out on. You never know what kind of things might pop into your mind when in social media. Sometimes, people get jealous on the internet, feel bad in the internet, think terrible things on the internet, and even feel suicidal because of the internet.

Because of this, I will share a few tips on how to get this well needed social media fast.

1. Put your phone far away from your bed.

2. Put your laptop out of sight. Put it inside a drawer just so you are reminded not to touch it. (Do this to your phone too.)

3. Have an incentive. If you don't touch a device for an entire day, reward yourself by going to an ice cream shop and buy your favorite flavor. Enjoy yourself.

4. Have something planned for a whole day that doesn't require the internet.

5. Tell yourself a specific day to social media fast and do it. That way you are more determined and more inclined to take on the challenge when you schedule a time to do it.

Lastly, stop reading this after you made your comment and liked this article. Turn off that device and get a break!

If you're not convinced to fasting yet, here are a few other posts about it.



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