Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Stop a minute. I hear you breathing fast and loudly. If this is you, you need to stop and relax.

You're under your breath. You have a list of to-do-lists and you've been driving back and forth only beginning to realize that you forgot something at your last destination. And what did you forget? Your extensive to-do list.

“ Sometimes, the most productive thing you can do is relax.” -Mark Black

So what happened? You weren't relaxed and you put more work in your hands than you had to. Mark Black hit the mark. Sometimes, the most productive thing you can do, is relax.

How To Relax

First, just stop and listen. Listen to yourself. If you feel like something urgent is about to happen, stop first and think. The first questions that should come first on your mind is "what is urgent?" "What needs your attention?" After that, think, "what should I do to accomplish this?"

Then, pause. Take a deep breath of air and organize.

Is your to-do list too big? If it is, you need to find ways to cut it down. You might be using too much energy for things that could be more productive.

Second, once you cut it down, you have more time to think clearly. You're no longer running one place to another. Can't cut it down? Give the job to someone else who could do it for you. Your state of mind is more important than a 24 hour to-do list.

Thirdly, don't compromise your health. Sometimes-if not most times-compromising your health takes more time recovering than your large to-do list.

So, relax. Take your time, or time will take you.



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