How To Find Content for Your Blog

Getting content out weekly on your blog could take a lot of your time. Sometimes, you can't even get the content out at all because you don't have any. So what should you do in order to get the creative juices going?

Let's say, you don't have to feel inspired right now to write a blog. You can create your blog without having to trick your mind and all you have to do is take a couple of steps.

1. First, try the google search bar autofill.

Have you ever typed something on the google search bar and it would try to finish your sentence or thought? Creepy huh. Well, this word bar is out to give you some brain juice. When you start typing out the general subject of your focused content, stop when finishing the keyword.

Google should have showed you a few suggestions right below your search bar.

Use these finished autofill as topics for your next posting.

2. If that doesn't cut it for you and it doesn't give you the choices your want, try Keywords Everywhere.

This plug in could probably give you all the wonders you need. You might not even finish reading this blog because of it.

So what is Keywords Everywhere? And why is it so great?

Keywords Everywhere is a tool you could plug into your google browser. This tool is available as a Chrome extension or on Firefox. After installing, on the right side of all search engine results will appear other related keywords and strings of words that could be searched by people.

There are lot's of choices and ideas you could come up by just looking at this at a glance. I highly suggest it, and it would definitely be worth your time to install it.

3. Another tool that is just like Keywords Everywhere, is the Google Keyword Planner. It is definitely free to use and you can just watch this video below on how to use it.

This tool is pretty similar to Keywords Everywhere, but I think both tools have their pros and cons when it comes to getting ideas for content creation.

4. You need inspiration? Go to other blogs.

Go find blogs that fit your niche, read a few, and then come back to your blank screen when you finally got the ink to write on your papers. This is a definite other go to, especially when you're trying to get a feel on how to write your blogs and how to format them.

5. Check society all around you. Follow people with the same niche as you on social media and look at what and where they're succeeding at. Browse their content. Like, Pin, Bookmark, and Share their content.

Use all those things you saved for future use when you need to write something.

6. Be in social media. This is also in relation to number 5. Check society all around you.

What are people raving about in your niche? What are the questions that they have? Can you answer their questions? Write a blog about it.

I have a really good tip for number 6.

Here it is:

Go on YouTube. Search related videos on your niche. Look at the comment section and look at the questions that their audience has. Use their questions to create your content!

7. Talking about questions, why won't you just go onto Quora?

Quora is a question and answer site that has a lot of authority on the internet. This place also has a way of getting virality. Another tip: If you finish your blog post, try linking it to your answer to the audience on Quora. That way your blog gets more reviews.

8. Too lazy to do more research for more content? Try repurposing.

Use an old post that you have and repost it. Change it a little bit if you want and tell everyone that you revised a blog post. Make a topic that is close to it, but speaks to answer another question.

You can use your other social media channels and turn it to a blog post.

For example, your YouTube video can be changed into a blog post.

9. Want something cute and fun? Use the HubSpot Blog Generator.

Unless you upgrade, it will only give you five suggestions for free.

Well! I hope this blog helped you make your blog. Leave a comment and share this with your friends, I would gladly appreciate it.

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