How To Build Business Rapport: Social Media

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

People naturally judge at a first glance. It doesn't matter what it is; we like the pretty things over the not so wonderful.

We like the open space concept house that includes the sleek new car. We gape at the white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters.

This is human and we do it all the time.

Take instagram, for example.

We scroll, like, scroll, like, and skip. What are we doing? Judging in a quick glance.

This quick glance could mean everything for your business. Why? Because it could mean a new customer.

Let's say a consumer runs through the feed of instagram. He glances one second at a picture of a blurry product ad and has no interest in it. He skips it. Then, he scrolls to a professionally photographed photo of a product, takes his time at studying it, and grows an interest at the product.

He lingers.

This is what you want when your business is in front of the consumer. They want to see professional, eye-appealing things.

The consumer will either accept within himself that a business is reputable as well, in just a glance.

Did the company take their time on building their website? Does their instagram pictures look appealing? Are the facebook posts intriguing? How are the tweets fun and relevant?

All of this is important.

So how do we do this?

1. Take your time.

What you put out there in the internet is leeked in the internet forever. Does it put a good front to your business? Ask yourself this question before you post.

2. Plan ahead.

Curating and creating content takes effort. If you want to be successful, build a schedule for your social media channels.

3. Be consistent.

People appear on social media at different times. Check for the times of highest engagement and post according to those times. Maybe post when your ideal customers come on the internet. For example, you own a restaurant. Post a lunch deal when lunch is close by. Make alarms on when to post if you need to. This helps you create an audience that you can retarget. They might become your biggest fans.

Maybe you should note your frequency too, and change it up if you're too frequent.

4. Respond.

Once you have your biggest fans, talk to them through social media. Engage. Surprise them by liking their replies. Retweet. Repost. Share. This brings social proof and good reviews.

Having a good front on media brings rapport don't you think?

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