Goal Focused

I have felt overwhelmed sometimes about how many tasks there are to finish and how difficult and frustrating it could be to get there. But there is something that I am learning, and that is by taking it step by step.

We should really pause and look at how far we have gotten and not get so caught up in our to-do lists that we forget to be gratified in our previous successes.

This is why I am starting to learn that making a list of small goals to finish a larger goal, is very important.

If we stop and look at the small things we have finished, the less hard the larger goal is going to be.

That's why I really like this quote in the next sentence.

"The key to success is to focus on goals, not obstacles."

Obstacles push us down and make us very vulnerable to thinking that we can't do something. Just as seeing your glass half empty, is as the same as seeing a large boulder to jump over.

If we look at the glass half full, we are more grateful. If we look at the mountain as an adventure, we will enjoy the hike.

Sometimes I feel really behind in comparison to my competition or other people, that I start to feel that I will never get there.

But that's not true, and that's not what I should do. In fact, I am about to tell you the opposite as what everyone is always saying.

Don't always look at your competition.

Be your own competition.

Improve yourself. Improve what you can improve. Be different in the process and chase your own creativity.

I see time and time again, that companies copycats how other competitions work that everyone is spewing the same exact information over and over again, that nothing separates them from the other million.

That's why we should slow down and understand what is going on. We'd like to process

and use our creativity.

This way we can live our small success as if they are large, because they are and they make a big difference.

Before we will even know it, we finished the mountain.

And that sentence is not entirely true, because we will know and we will acknowledge our arrival before we get there.

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