Exploring Analytics: Why It's Good To Know

Social Media Marketing isn't just about posting and creating content. It's also about analyzing what is going on with your audience through demographics, charts, and current events. But how do you become proficient in this?

As a social media marketer, you should explore your analytics tools. Soon, I'll let you know why that is very important, but for now, let me show you how to look over your tools carefully.

Let's go to the basics.

Because the most used social media channels out there is Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, I will begin explaining this to you first.

First, there is Facebook.

With almost 2.4 Billion users, Facebook has become the social site for friends and family. That means 1/3 of the world uses Facebook. This could mean a lot for businesses.

Unfortunately, a lot of businesses don't rely on social media to get their sales. This is where they are wrong in marketing. Why? Because at the speed of the internet, a customer could order at the click of a button.

Why not tap into this mass market?

If you do tap into this market, the numbers are staggering. Your sales could reach a gold mine. But how do you tap into this? How do you make sure the numbers are true and returning you some ROI?

This is where analytics come in.

Social media isn't just your regular photo on instagram. It's the lines and graphs you have to watch for.

So let's head to Facebook analytics.

The first analytics portion on facebook you should worry about is your business' page Facebook Insights.

This covers most of your organic reach. It also shows what actions and how many views your content has gotten.

If you take the time to explore Facebook insights, you would get to know your audience at a deeper level.

One tip is to watch which content is getting more views and actions. This could indicate that something "clicked" with the audience and people reacted to it.

The second part on Facebook Analytics that you should worry about, is Facebook Ads Analytics.

This is where you could find how much engagement you had on your paid marketing.

If you want to use it in it's optimum abilities, you should keep track of what campaigns worked. How you can do this is to watch the demographics and targets you have in these campaigns.

If an ad was more successful because of a keyword that you attached to the campaign, you should duplicate it and morph it into a boss level ad.

As you can see, there's a lot you could learn through Facebook Analytics, but now, let's move to Instagram.

Instagram has recently hit the 1 Billion user mark and has become another no-brainer to businesses. That is if the business is tapping into the new era of the fast speed internet. If you want people to have a good judgment about your business, Instagram is the place to go.

Of course, checking in on your Instagram analytics will definitely help your content and business to grow.

Instagram analytics can go in depth in stories such as knowing if someone exited the story or traced back to see the story again.

This can be used as information on what kind of content to show on your stories.

And even though Instagram is used by a much younger generation than Facebook, Instagram demographics can still be used to hyper-target your audience. This will help you find good quality customers.

There's more to the analytics, but if you search for it, you'll find that there are many ways to improve content.

If you want to check the analytics on a desktop just go to Creator Studio and press the Instagram icon next to the Facebook icon at the top.

You can look at some Facebook Analytics as well on Creator Studio.

Now, off to Twitter.

Because Twitter is a "man with few words," it could be used to leverage an upperhand to bring about a personality to your business. Whether it's 280 characters or 140, Twitter is a quick social site to share bites about your business.

With it's retweet button and like button, getting engagement can easily become a viral post when one person retweets and another retweets the post.

Twitter does get a lot of impressions, but for most of the time a seconds glance. However, if used correctly, Twitter can be used as an advantage for attraction.

Through Twitter analytics, you can watch to see what is happening from your tweets. One of those feautures is knowing how many profile visits you have gotten. This could be taken for great use, because it could show what tweets sparked more interest into your Twitter page.

This goes on to say that analytics do have their part in the social media management business. Engage.

Learn more about the analytics of your media.

I could go extensively through each platform, but I will that to another posting. But now that you know that analytics could help your business, explore the platforms, experiment with your content, and see what the analytics will you show you as your results.

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