Let's be real. We all have been there. We all had moments when we feel like life sapped the life out of us and we just don't have the party of the life anymore. We see it all the time on the internet and we feel like, we are always missing out.

This has been rampant in the social media world.

We have been diagnosed with FOMO that life doesn't come naturally anymore.

You've seen the luxury cars, the travelling vacation posts, the beautiful body, and the branded clothing, but what are we doing?

Brooding over the lifestyle of other people while we're wasting away watching them enjoy their lifetime.

Now, don't get me wrong, it's good to enjoy what other people are doing, but when it comes down to mentality, sometimes we're not enjoying what they have, but we are comparing ourselves with the lifestyle they presented towards us.

This must be an issue with the social media marketing world. Even though it brings the views, the comments, and the likes for our businesses, what we are feeding our minds is not always as good as what we want it to be.

As a social media marketer, we have the need to always scroll down our feed to catch up with the latest trend in order to make sure that our content gets out there for the whole world to see. The thing is, though, we see plenty of things that sidetrack us and sometimes even make us feel bad for ourselves.

This doesn't just apply to ourselves as marketers, but also our audience.

But because us marketers are an audience as well, we tend to scroll and then stop on content that bring us out of reality. And that's just it. Our mentality on what reality is, is distorted with the editted and fine tuned pictures and videos we watch on the internet.

We need to get back onto reality, that this is where we are at and that we are willing to enjoy and be content with everything that we are and have.

So, let's dissect the individual with FOMO.

Fear. Of. Missing. Out.

Firstly, there is fear.

The anxiety and the rush of life caused by FOMO ruins the moment and causes life to be less natural and spontaneous. We see what other people have and what other people are posting with their smiling faces, that we tend to rush things and forget to just enjoy the moment.

Because of FOMO, people "act" instead of "live" their lives out. Sometimes, people tend to "work" themselves into having fun like it's a job that needs to be done.

I think this topic hasn't gotten too much ground at all in the social media world, but we are going to expose it.

Sometimes, I feel that because someone's life is so revolved around social media that everything becomes staged in life and people are not their raw selves.

So what should we do?

Get back into reality. Your reality.

What do you have? Be happy about it. Who are you? Love yourself. What are you wearing? Be glad you have something to wear. Where do you live? Enjoy your living space.

Change your mindset. Don't be so stuck to thinking that social media really portrays what happiness is. This isn't happiness. It could give you some joy having things, but that doesn't mean you have to have things to be happy.

Some of the happiest people in the world are poor and they are content.

So, Fear. This already leads you to missing out. Just the mear thought of fear already causes you to miss out, so why have FOMO?

Just live. Just enjoy the moment. Stop brooding about why you don't have something and do what you enjoy. Learn how to be happy with what you have and do something about it.

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